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We don't collect any personal data from our users yet. We may need your email address/phone number in future updates of our website to provide alerts or other site related messages. We still plan on keeping this site open to users without them needed to register. So, it's always your choice if you want us to have your information.
We want to confirm you that, we do not sell any of your personal data to any third party.
We use few third-party services to help run/fund the website.

  • Affiliate Marketing Some of our links are affliate links. When you purchase using those links, we get a percentage of each sale. This does not have any impact on visitor's purchase price in any way and it helps us keep online.
  • Advertising We may use some third-party advertising networks. Typically it means embedding some script on webpages. If you don't like ad, please use ad-blockers. Please note that, these ads help us keep the site online.
  • Analytics We use Google Analytics to analyze our traffic data, internal reporting. Ad networks and analytics companies generally try to build viewer profiles to better target their advertising and/or improve their web traffic analyses, so these companies may have more of your personal data.